Our Mission

Post Carbon Toronto is a group of Toronto citizens working together to envision and transition Toronto and its bioregion into sustainable, low energy communities. The common thread that binds us is the search for sustainable solutions to the severe social and economic repercussions arising from the geological and ecological limits to fossil fuel energy consumption and emissions. There is an urgent need to raise awareness, begin transition, and support alternatives to current high-energy modes of living.

Post Carbon Toronto was formed in November of 2004 by Rose Kudlac, Jeff Berg and Kjel Oslund. We are an Outpost affiliate of the Post Carbon Institute.

Executive Committee

Post Carbon Toronto is run by an Executive Committee elected annually. The Executive Committee is responsible for governance and policy.

The current members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Jeff Berg, Chair
  • Kathryn Tait, Vice-Chair
  • Charles Sule, Treasurer
  • Andrea Peloso, Secretary
  • Karen McMillan, Meetup coordinator
  • Paul Trueman, Past Chair
  • Randy Park, Member-at-Large
  • David Elfstrom, Member-at-Large
  • Adriana Mungatto-Hamu, Member-at-Large

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Richard Gilbert — Consultant on Urban Issues
  • Greg Allen — Professional Engineer
  • Chris Lowry
  • Dave Hughes

Planning and Organizing Committee

The Planning and Organizing Committee is responsible for planning the Post Carbon Toronto events, organizing our monthly meetups and co-ordinating letter writing campaigns, deputations and other activities. The group meets regular most weeks, usually on Friday afternoons. The group consists of members of the Post Carbon Executive Committee and other interested members. We are always looking for new members.


A copy of our Constitution is available for download here: Post Carbon Toronto Constitution (pdf).


Since its inception, Post Carbon Toronto has been involved in reseach and educational activities. We have facilitated at screenings of the film The End of Suburbia, participated in panel discussions and provided speakers for other events. We have prepared deputations for submission on public projects such as the Toronto Clean Air Initiative. In the fall of 2006 we initiated and organized a public event, pledgeToGreen, in conjunction with the East Toronto Climate Action Group and in support of Toronto’s environmental plan. Most recently we participated in the public form Power To Choose, and sponsored a talk by Gordon Laxer on Canadian Energy Security.

Monthly Public Meetings

We hold regular monthly public meetings featuring guest speakers, videos and group discussions of energy and emissions related issues. You can find out the details of our next meeting at Post Carbon Toronto MeetUp. You can also sign up to receive regular notices of our meetings.

Online Discussion

We moderate an online discussion group on Toronto and region energy and sustainability issues. You can view the discussion online at TorontoPeakOil or signup to receive posts by email (Yahoo Groups).

Contact Us

You can contact us at our email address: postcarbontoronto@gmail.com

For website issues contact David Elfstrom

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