Richard Branson Warns of Peak Oil

It has been a big news week for peak oil, thanks to Richard Branson.  His call to governments to pepare for the coming oil crunch was covered in both the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal.

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Changing People's Behaviours - Why Is It So Hard?

One of the first daunting tasks in talking to people about peak oil, is merely convincing them that oil is a finite resource that will run out.  And if that isn’t hard enough, even once the idea is accepted, the task of changing our behaviours to adapt to this reality seems positively Sisyphean.

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Post Carbon Toronto's IEA letter project

PCT members are probably aware of the series of articles which appeared in The Guardian in November 2009. In case anyone missed the stories, a whistleblower from the International Energy Agency (IEA) informed The Guardian that, under pressure from the United States, the summary reports being issued by the IEA had been systematically skewed to [...]

PCT press release on IEA over-estimation of oil reserves

After the Guardian reported on a whistleblower’s claim that the IEA was over-estimating the world’s oil reserves (see, Post Carbon Toronto issued the following press release.

Oil Supplies Uncertain

Post Carbon Toronto Echos National Farmers Union’s Call for an Inquiry into Fossil Fuel Supply

Toronto, ON –– November 18, 2009 ––

An unusual situation at the International Energy [...]