The Kandahar Connection (Paul Trueman)

Canadians interested in peak oil will sooner or later eventually discover the proportionality clauses of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Unfortunately, if you want to research them and google “Nafta Proportionality” you will quickly be inundated by numerous alarming links with titles such as “If our NAFTA Partners Can Have National Energy Programs, Why [...]

Introduction to the Opinion-Editorial Section

We are introducing a new feature on the Post Carbon Toronto website – blog articles written by PCT members. These articles reflect only the opinion of the writer, and do not represent the official position of either the Executive or the group at large.

Review of Larry Hughes’ study on Eastern Canadian crude oil supply

Rick Munroe of the National Farmers Union has written a review of Larry Hughes’ study on crude oil supply in Eastern Canada.  In addition to the review, Rick has provided links to this and other studies by Dr. Hughes.

Richard Heinberg's National Post essay

On March 19th, 2010, the National Post ran an essay by Richard Heinberg in advance of his speaking engagement in Toronto.  The essay can be read at the link below.

Kuwati scientist predicts global peak oil in 2014

In October of 2009,  scientists from the College of Engineering and Petroleum at the Kuwait University and the Kuwait Oil Company published the study Forecasting World Crude Oil Production Using Multicyclic Hubbert Model in the ACS Energy & Fuels journal.

Articles about the study can be found at the Livescience website

and at the Gas2.0 website.  They [...]

Canadian natural gas decline over seven percent

Data up to October 2009 shows an annual rate of decline of Canadian marketable natural gas production since 2006 is 7.5% per year based on a 12-month centered moving average, resulting in the lowest level of production since April 1995. The chart below was made by geologist David Hughes using Statistics Canada data.