The Other Worst Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

In 1979, a deepwater oil well blew out in the Bay of Campeche.  The link below gives a quick summary of the almost 10 month spill.  In addition, there are many interesting links that investigate different aspects of the spill, including the damage that was done and the different tactics that were used to stop [...]

US Military warns of peak oil

A Guardian article about a US Joint Forces Command report on a oil shortages by 2015.

It will be harder to write-off peak oil concerns as left-wing hysteria now that the US Military are weighing in.

Natural Capital & National Betrayal (Jeff Berg)

Long time oil and gas analyst and U.S. government adviser Henry Grope is quoted in the Sunday Globe & Mail as saying that the North American natural gas situation is going to see a steep surge in price as early as the end of this summer.  His reason for this projection is that his analysis [...]