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Financial consultants Ernst & Young say that fix-price feed-in tariffs for renewable energy are attractive, and that they are better than premium-based FITs.


Presentations from Home is Where the Heat is

Presentations (PDF) from Home is Where the Heat is, a Post Carbon Toronto Meetup on 31 May 2011

Jeff Berg – Oil and Gas Outlook
Ryan Dyment – Zeitgeist – Introduction to a resource-based economic model for the future
Greg Allen – Keeping House
David Elfstrom – Careers and a Deep Energy Retrofit
Peter Shepherd – Thermal Retrofit – many [...]

The Future of GTA Transit

Wednesday January 26 2011 Post Carbon Toronto Meetup

View the Event Poster (pdf)


Mayor Ford has some strong ideas about transit… but whether or not they are practical, economical or even achievable remains to be seen. Maps comparing Transit City plan with the Ford plan is illustrated below.

Steve Munro, the individual credited with saving the [...]

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Lloyd’s Bank, the UK insurance giant, has issued a white paper entitled “Sustainable Energy Security” which urges business leaders to adopt a “transition to a low carbon economy”.

The link below will take you to a review of the paper, as well as a link to the paper itself.

It is another heartening sign that concern about peak [...]

The Other Worst Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

In 1979, a deepwater oil well blew out in the Bay of Campeche.  The link below gives a quick summary of the almost 10 month spill.  In addition, there are many interesting links that investigate different aspects of the spill, including the damage that was done and the different tactics that were used to stop [...]

US Military warns of peak oil

A Guardian article about a US Joint Forces Command report on a oil shortages by 2015.

It will be harder to write-off peak oil concerns as left-wing hysteria now that the US Military are weighing in.

Review of Larry Hughes’ study on Eastern Canadian crude oil supply

Rick Munroe of the National Farmers Union has written a review of Larry Hughes’ study on crude oil supply in Eastern Canada.  In addition to the review, Rick has provided links to this and other studies by Dr. Hughes.

Richard Heinberg's National Post essay

On March 19th, 2010, the National Post ran an essay by Richard Heinberg in advance of his speaking engagement in Toronto.  The essay can be read at the link below.

Kuwati scientist predicts global peak oil in 2014

In October of 2009,  scientists from the College of Engineering and Petroleum at the Kuwait University and the Kuwait Oil Company published the study Forecasting World Crude Oil Production Using Multicyclic Hubbert Model in the ACS Energy & Fuels journal.

Articles about the study can be found at the Livescience website

and at the Gas2.0 website.  They [...]

Canadian natural gas decline over seven percent

Data up to October 2009 shows an annual rate of decline of Canadian marketable natural gas production since 2006 is 7.5% per year based on a 12-month centered moving average, resulting in the lowest level of production since April 1995. The chart below was made by geologist David Hughes using Statistics Canada data.