Membership in Post Carbon Toronto is available for $10 annually and entitles you to vote at our Annual General Meeting. Membership fees go towards the cost of organizing and promoting events. The best way to join is to show up at one of our monthly meetings, see the MeetUp! site to see how you can sign up for notices of meetings, or watch our home page events section for listings. If you can’t make it to a meeting, you can contact us by email at

Get involved!

We are always looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to public awareness of peak oil and energy descent issues and helping us to shape public policy. If you have the time, consider joining our planning committee or one of our subcommitties.

In 2008 we planning to develop a speakers bureau to help bring energy issues to the attention of service clubs and other public interest groups. We are also working on a campaign to raise the issue with Toronto municipal politicians and policy staff, and asking them to establish a peak oil task force and to sign on to the Oil Depletion Protocol.

We need people to help organize public events such as pledgeTOgreen, our initiative for the 2006 Toronto municipal election, or David Hughe’s presentation in Toronto City Hall Council Chambers in September 2007 and we are looking for people with writing, editing and web development skills who are interested in preparing content for our web site.

Research and policy development

Post Carbon Toronto devotes time to discussions about formulating public policy in response to energy decline and climate change. We monitor public policy reviews and consultations, and, when we can, make submissions. In 2007, we contributed to the City of Toronto’s Change is in the Air consultation and the Ontario Power Authority’s integrated Power System Plan consultations, amongst others.

If you have a special interest in such areas or expertise to share, we would like to hear from you.